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An enlightening  Artificial Intelligence Engine might be everything Your Business Needs to grow

AI is the future, AI is now!

Why Data Science?

A tailor-made Artificial Intelligence solution can be pivitol in garnering insights on your business, enhancing your creativity & unlocking new possibilities.  Are you aware of the potential AI has to boost your productivity and amplify your impact? We embed AI capabilities in your product to enable more intelligent decision making & optimised business processes to set you apart from the crowd. From machine learning to computer vision, to forecasting and optimization, our Artificial Intelligence Solution can support businesses across diverse industries & meet your evolving business needs.

Offerings and Opportunities 


Computer Vision - PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, GluonCV, Pydicom, OpenCV, Matplotlib, Python, MATLAB

NLP & Sentiment Analysis - PyTorch, NLTK, TextBlob, Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Python

Machine Learning & Deep Learning - PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy, Seabond, Pylab, Python

Big Data - Kibana, Tableau, ELK stack

Medical & Bioinformatics Pipeline Development - R, Python, Javascript, Bioconductor, Amber, Gromasc, Pymol, Chimera, Autodoc, ENSEMBLE, GaussView, Gold, Chemdraw, VMD MATLAB


How It Works

By asking you the right questions, using raw data and processing information, we extract meaningful insights through intelligent algorithms which allow the AI Engine built for you to learn automatically from patterns, features or variables that are significant for you and enable result-oriented decision making.

Isn't it amazing how Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson, Cortana, Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, OpenAI’s GPT-3 and DALL-E inter alia have changed the way humans live life? Got the next big idea? Let's explore opportunities together!

A graph showing 270 percent growth in number of businesses that have adopted Artificial Intelligence in the last four years - source: Oberlo

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