Blockchain in Fintech Industry

Blockchain has transformed businesses around the world and it shall continue to do so. With that, Fintech has been greatly influenced with many financial technology ventures jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon and these vary from digital banking, insurances, mobile payment services, crowdfunding programs, equity or personal financing, money transfers, and of course Cryptocurrency. With the world moving more and more towards the era of technological advancements in all industries it is only a matter of time before a global adoption happens.

The benefits of Blockchain solutions are integral to the Fintech companies as the solution promises absolute security and transparency of records. With problems such as corruption, misuse of assets and hacking fully at large and historically responsible for leading companies to financial ruin, Blockchain is the one in all solution to remove such problems and more.

Work on Blockchain

Trade Finance

Authenticate transactions through bill of lading & Credit letters, improve trustworthiness in the system leading to revenue growth and define optimal financial structures through Blockchain

Cross Border Payments

Payments transacted on Blockchain are fast and secure due to its decentralized nature. They also incur lower transaction fee’s than traditional ways.


Thousands of counterfeit drugs are made each year which leads to just as many people dying from them. Blockchain will eliminate this issue by improving tracking of authentic medicines from production to patient.

Anti-Money Laundering

Monitoring all transactions through Blockchain will eliminate money laundering by adding extra layers of security, adding tamper proof logs & examining growing data.

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