Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

If there is something that should not be taken lightly, its someone’s Health. Medical practices have always been given the highest importance in this industry with the formation of more effective medicinal drugs, improving biotechnology and a higher standard of medical professional’s etcetera but is this the only thing that matters in healthcare? Technology has always helped every industry reach new heights and Healthcare Is no exception. With the inclusion of Blockchain in Healthcare, not only will this industry flourish but it will also lead the way towards ensuring that people stay safe.

Issues such as Drug fraud, medicine traceability, poor management of medical records and ineffective clinical researches are just some of the problems being caused by the traditional methods and implementing Blockchain is a way to remove each of them. While security and traceability are the main features of any Blockchain, it can do a lot more for the Healthcare sector.

Work on Blockchain

Improving accessibility of Medical Records

All medical records that are stored on the Blockchain will be secured and only those with proper authentication will be able to access them.

Cutting Costs

Transfer of medical records and patient data will no longer be costly or time consuming with the addition of Blockchain. There will also be lesser risk of data loss.

Stopping Counterfeit Drugs

Thousands of counterfeit drugs are made each year which leads to just as many people dying from them. Blockchain will eliminate this issue by improving tracking of authentic medicines from production to patient.

Tracking Medical credentials

With all data securely stored on the blockchain, track records and credentials of medical professionals can be checked and verified for peace of mind.

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