Blockchain in Logistics Industry

Logistics power everything from businesses to how operations and customer requirements are carried out and acted upon. When it comes to authenticating, keeping record and track of logistics then blockchain solutions hop in. With blockchain based logistics the whole process is redefined and made not only more secure but easy to manage and have each and every record available without any possible intervention.

RS’s blockchain based logistics solutions can provide a vast array of possibilities for organizations to reshape the way logistics are tracked and managed. Reactive Space’s enterprise blockchain solutions for logistics are suitable for any case scenario ranging from transactions till documentation and more.

Work on Blockchain

Port Clearance

Blockchain will vastly improve the connection within all major cargo hubs linking them together ensuring reduction of time & trading costs.

Blockchain for Leafy Greens

Produce and items with expiry can be thoroughly vetted not only by the retailers through blockchain. This makes for assuring that all items are safe to consume and in the case of bad products, track and remove the relevant items.

Efficient Package Delivery

Less time will be required during verifying and shipping improving the overall process and reducing the costs associated with delivery. Payments made on Blockchain will also be transferred faster than traditional ways.

Proof of delivery

Data received on blockchain can be taken as a guarantee of transaction. Completed deliveries and those in process can be tracked in real time.

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