Blockchain Into The Mainstream!

Blockchain technology is a little more than a decade old and it is already disrupting industries around the world. The ones who understand the technology are a part of the mainstream adoption of blockchain. The underlying technology behind bitcoin is disrupting the centralized infrastructure and leading governments to adapt to the irrefutable change. Despite that, many are unaware of what is blockchain and how it works. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows data to be stored on a peer-to-peer network. Enabling everyone on the network to track and trace each entry in real-time. And makes it impossible for any user to take control of the network. It is simply the most secure network out in the market that can power businesses and institutions free of any prejudice.

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Momentous Opportunity for Investors and Businesses


As the businesses are inclining towards technical revolution, the need for the right solution grows ten-folds. Blockchain Startups around the world are receiving funds for developing fintech solutions, supply chain solutions, retail solutions, etc. In 2019, blockchain start-up companies around the world had amassed 3.08 billion USDs in investment funding. Moreover, it is only expected to grow from here as the banking industry claims the largest blockchain spending, with a market share of 30 percent. Moreover, process manufacturing accounted for 11.4% of worldwide blockchain spending. It is surprising how blockchain can be deployed in all industries and power dynamic businesses. Bringing an entire tech infrastructure under a single umbrella, yet secured by its unique blockchain. This is why experts around the world are evaluating blockchain as the technology of the future.

Many have predicted it to be on the mainstream and the entire economy will be dependent on it, one way or another. It is driving investors from around the world to invest in blockchain through crypto trading, custom blockchain solutions, crypto trading infrastructure, etc.


Why Invest In Blockchain?


This shift in tech is also encouraged due to the growing concern regarding cybersecurity. Many businesses have suffered due to major cyberattacks that could have easily been avoided. Thereby, businesses around the world are spending billions of USDs on information security to protect themselves from compromising their data. That is the reason why the information security market is expected to grow to $170.4 billion in 2022. However, if there was to be a solution that did not require such a massive investment into only protecting it, businesses could easily utilize those costs elsewhere productively. Such a solution is a blockchain! Secured by its peer-to-peer network, there is no way anyone can hack their way through into the blockchain without destroying the entire blockchain itself. And if that were to happen, it would require an unworldly amount of energy to actually make it possible.


Ensuring a secure solution for all, a blockchain-powered system instantly becomes accessible to all that are on the network. The ability to track and trace keeps the system safe from any dubious activity.


Our Blockchain Solutions Around The World


We are one of those startups that have been working on custom blockchain solutions for the past few years. And we are proud to have played our role in the mainstream adoption of blockchain and shall continue to do so. We have successfully deployed an Ethereum based token called Tyslin for which we developed an entire crypto trading platform. It included a website, crypto wallets, exchanges, and mobile applications. We are grateful to have worked with passionate clients who understand the potential of blockchain. That is why today we are in a place where we are confident of our solution and our team of impeccable blockchain developers who code tirelessly to deliver a quality product. This opportunity to invest in blockchain solutions is still very relevant. And as the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot, this is the moment to shift your business endeavors towards blockchain.


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