Blockchain Powered Surveillance Cameras

Blockchain based solutions

Today, we can say that we are living in the future world, where the opportunities are endless especially when we have blockchain embedding itself as the dominant tech force in the industry. The cryptocurrencies caused a tout around the world when they began mining them and today, there are companies running their business operations on blockchain technology just because it deals with data in such a way that it becomes efficient, transparent and traceable. These are just the basic benefits of this technology, other than that, depending on the application, this technology has the potential to revolutionize your data in ways that will advantage your business prospects in the long-run.


Every new technology has taken its time to be accepted by all. Not everyone is susceptible to change and that is why it is going to take time for blockchain based solutions to become the new normal.


Blockchain has been adopted by various elites of different industries, such as healthcare infrastructure, financial ecosystem, automotive industries, cryptocurrencies and the supply chain industries. It has proven to be a futuristic investment which is why many product-based and service-based companies have followed in the path of those successful blockchain based solutions. They have shifted their businesses on blockchain to encourage an environment of accountability and transparency which is highly questionable in industries that are storing their data and operating their businesses in traditional ways. It also provides confidence amongst the investors and the clients/customers of the business regarding their decision of investing their time and money into it.


Now that blockchain based solutions have a credible position in all the leading industries, the IoT industry has also taken a major leap of faith towards the blockchain technology.


We being a blockchain powered technology platform, have developed an indoor security system which will give the users access and control of all the data through a decentralized system from their mobile devices without having to go through the hassle of setting up huge data processing systems. The users will also be able to enjoy the end-to-end encryption similar to that of cryptocurrencies in their home surveillance system.


A private key is provided to the users for end-to-end encrypting all the data. It is easier to hack through these systems but our system provides an uncrackable password, and a private key ensuring end-to-end encryption makes the security wall impenetrable. The blockchain solution guarantees privacy and ownership instead of throwing terms and conditions. That’s the kind of customer experience, the future of blockchain holds. It makes you the one to start making your decisions and service providers will only provide with the means to make it possible.


This is a milestone for IoT and surveillance industry as it takes the first step towards building something that has the potential to go big. It is all depended on the acceptance of the consumers and realization regarding the importance of adopting blockchain as the technology of future.


If you are still skeptical and not sure about how and what to do before deciding on whether you should invest yourself in blockchain or not, give this article a read on how to avoid risks when investing in new technology.


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