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Covid-19 vaccines are being developed all around the world ever since their phase 3 clinical trials were successful. Now the countries are starting their vaccination campaigns as soon as possible, meanwhile, in developing countries the vaccines are being approved for procurement. Everyone wants to get their hands on getting themselves vaccinated and they will try to find shortcuts to do so. And the opportunists will try to profit from such people seeking for shortcuts. If the authorities plan to invest in a blockchain solution, they will be able to track and trace the vaccine distribution across the country. It will ensure that the vaccine is administered based on the priority groups.

Lets discuss further how the world has come around the pandemic and what blockchain solution can really do for Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

The World And The Pandemic 

Lives, all around the world have changed to a great extent ever since the Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on humanity. From extended lockdowns to following the SOPs, the world had seen too much of everything. 

Although the world did not stop, everyone started adjusting to the new reality. Adapted to the new change through online classes, seminars, orientations, even so, family gatherings were also going online. While many businesses moved online, certain businesses required to be on-field, therefore, some went to work like they normally would. The health care workers were at the forefront of it all and facing the pandemic first -hand. Then there were scientists who were at race with time to develop a cure or a vaccine for Covid-19. The world was dependent upon the news of a cure and after 11 months, everyone saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Vaccination Drives 

After multiple trials and failures, the top pharmaceutical companies came up with their own variants of Covid-19 vaccines. These vaccines require to be administered taking certain factors into consideration. Some of them require to be stored at extreme low temperatures which is going to cause logistical challenges for the developing countries. Despite that, vaccination drives have started in the US, UK, India and other developing countries. With these nations moving forward with their vaccination campaigns, most are planning to operate in 3 phases.   


  • The first phase will cater health workers. 
  • The second phase will cater senior citizens
  • The third phase will cater general public with age 16+ 

Although the vaccine is not for children, it will provide 80% to 95% protection from the virus depending on which vaccine you choose to take. The end goal is to achieve herd immunity. 


The Systems Reliability Of A Successful Vaccine Distribution Campaign 

Countries around the world have started their vaccination drives and many will be starting out in the coming weeks. Now these are the developed nations that have the means to do so, but the developing nations like Pakistan are yet to procure the vaccine as of January 20, 2021.  


However, the countries who have started vaccinating its citizens, have rolled out a systematic way of making the vaccination drives successful. They have formed priority groups based on the national data and shall distribute the vaccine into phases. This is something that developing nations are going to struggle with even if they receive the vaccines or purchase them. For equitable distribution of the vaccine WHO formed a COVAX Facility. It shall provide developing nations with free vaccine to cover the first priority population.


Now that Pakistan is a member of the COVAX facility, the country is legible to receive the Covid 19 vaccine under this program. Other than that, the government will be procuring vaccines as well as the private sector.


Once the vaccines have been procured, it is going to become a challenge for the countries who are still struggling at administration levels. The challenges that the government will have to deal with is going to pose a threat to equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccine amongst the priority groups as defined by WHO. Chances are high that the vaccine may be distributed unjustly amongst less priority groups. Possibly, healthcare workers can take vaccines for their loved ones who are not legible as per the priority groups. It will deprive the high-risk individuals from the vaccine.


To prevent that from happening, the government must invest in a solution that uses blockchain technology.


Blockchain Technology Can Secure The Distribution Cycle 

When the government invests in this technology, they will be able to track and trace each and every batch of the vaccine. Every single dosage will be pre-assigned to its respective candidate based on their CNIC and priority. Such a system can be powered through blockchain technology, which the government or the authorized committee will own with access to NADRA’s database. 


Following are the sure short benefits that the solution will be effortlessly providing: 


  1. Enhanced security for the distribution cycle. 
  2. Better transparency of the delivered doses and the vaccinated individuals.
  3. Reduced costs of manually tracking and tracing the prioritized group for vaccination or buying more vaccines in lieu of the vaccines compromised amongst the less priority individuals. 
  4. Improved speed and efficiency of data management.
  5. Enable Traceability from starting point to final point. 
  6. Proper identity management.

You must wonder, with all those benefits, how is the technology actually going to work? First, check out what is blockchain technology and then let’s dig into that question! 


How Is The Technology Going To Work? 

Blockchain Solution for Covid-19 vaccine distribution, will be first of its kind in the world. Not only it is scalable, it is reliable and a huge opportunity for potential investors. It is the right time to jump on this open opportunity and reap the benefits early-on.  Following flow chart explains how the process starts and ends once the blockchain powered solution is provided to the authorities.  


Blockchain Solution For Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

Covid 19 vaccine distribution through blockchain powered solution.
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Wrap Up! 

Things took a turn for the worst around the world when Covid-19 struck. It was a dystopian kind of a reality that the entire world was exposed to in 2020. The scientists and researchers were at war with time to develop a cure or a vaccine to fight covid-19. But, it was not until the end of 2020 when the hope for a promising vaccine emerged. Many called November as the beginning of the end of the pandemic, however, it is going to take an entire year or more to get everyone vaccinated.


When the Spanish flu struck, the vaccine for it took more than 20 years. The technological advancements today made it possible to cramp up 20 years of vaccine development into 1 year.


Currently there are 6 or more vaccines that have been approved. Many countries have started their distribution drives while Pakistan is gearing up for one. It is the right time to get on the opportunity to utilize a sophisticated technology such as blockchain. This solution is only going to provide the security and transparency throughout the system so that unfair distribution does not take place. The system will ensure a fair distribution and make sure that the 100M are vaccinated.


We are confident in our ability to devise such a blockchain solution that can cater to all needs as the authorities see fit. Not only are we willing to work on this innovative concept, but also doing so will fulfil one of our organizational goals of working for the ‘Greater Good’. To collaborate with us on this or any other  web application development ideas, you can contact us on Let’s work together to improve living conditions for everyone in Pakistan!

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