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What is a White Label Coupon Marketing Solution?


Our white label coupon marketing solution is specifically designed to target the discount market. It offers a solid revenue-generating opportunity for investors and individuals to target nearby businesses to offer special discounts/coupons. This solution can cater to all the businesses and offer businesses to feature their products and services through special discounts to generate traffic towards their business. On this platform, the users can track the available coupons in their surrounding areas. A coupon marketing solution can be developed as a website, mobile application, or both. These are custom-designed as per the client’s branding requirements. Moreover, with the help of an augmented reality algorithm set in place, our solution can offer an immersive experience for its users when trying to access coupons in their nearby area.  It allows users to interact with a digital simulation, deployed in a real-life setting through the mobile camera. These solutions make accessibility and efficiency of the overall experience, convenient. It also encourages solid conversions and increases in traffic.

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What We Provide

We offer white-label Coupon marketing solutions in the form of a website or a mobile application known as CouponTalkTalk. Our solution is supposed to cater to all the businesses and utilizes augmented reality algorithms to provide users the immersive experience of availing discounts from their nearby stores or restaurants. But how is the experience like in literal terms? Well, users open up their app, the app determines their location through GPS, and on the map, provided within the application, the coupons and discounts appear. Each coupon on top of its designated pin on the map. You get access to only those coupons and discounts that are within a certain radius of your location. However, we can do a lot more based on our client’s requirements. Get in touch with us today and let us help you figure out multiple possibilities for your business through our white-label Coupon Marketing solution!

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