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How it Works?

We automate the crypto trading process for individuals & companies. Capable of working as a Stand-alone product as well as integrating with your Exchange, T.R.O.C is a crypto trading bot that actively monitors Exchanges round the clock and reacts accordingly with predetermined strategies. It leverages algorithmic trading in order to run and process complex mathematical formulas essentially automating and accelerating the trading process.


Who can benefit from T.R.O.C. - A Crypto Trading Bot?

  • Market Makers
  • Asset Management Institutions
  • Exchanges
  • Financial organizations
  • Traders & Individuals
  • Businesses

Features At A Glance

 Get ready to drive unexplored revenue with your own crypto trading bot.

Calculated Bidding

T.R.O.C will make calculated bids throughout the day, keeping the risk factor in check, to earn profit through thousands of small transactions.

24-Hour Non-stop

T.R.O.C is active all day, all night long, observing trends and risk factors, so there's no need to sit with your eyes glued to your screen monitoring charts.

Quick Action

T.R.O.C can perform multiple trades at the same time and maximize profits by tapping missed opportunities.

Market Making

Yields profits while providing liquidity to users and bringing more traction.


Let T.R.O.C. do your Work


1. Market Data Analysis

T.R.O.C will save raw market data from different sources and interpret it. On the other end, it will decide whether to buy/sell a specific cryptocurrency asset.


2. Market Risk Prediction

T.R.O.C uses market data to calculate the potential risk in the market. Based on the information, the bot will decide how much to invest or trade.


3. Buying/Selling Assets

T.R.O.C uses APIs to buy or sell crypto assets strategically. It will make the most appropriate and calculated decision to yield profits.




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