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What is a White Label Delivery Management Solution?

With the world moving towards a new age of technology and customer experience more important than ever to keep businesses afloat, brands all over the world are utilizing delivery management services to benefit their customers and themselves by being available 24/7 and delivering orders at their doorstep.


Our State-of-the-art Delivery Management system aptly named AKTOS is here to benefit you and any other brand looking to start mobile operations that are cost-effective and customer friendly. With a mobile app for drivers, another for customers, and the third one for the Admin panel, it links everything together for the management. AKTOS can greatly improve a brand's existing operation as well as give other brands a new-found system that guarantees a return on investment.

Generates Passive Revenue

AKTOS can greatly improve a brand's

existing operation as well as give other brands a new-found

system that guarantees a return on investment.

Offering your services

and products 24/7.

Charging A

Delivery Fee.

Observing opportunities

to capitalize on through

powerful analytics.

Save on miscellaneous



How Does Delivery Management Solution Work?


Admin Panel

Can coordinate with delivery drivers, track their locations, integrate with maps to see the fastest routes, see performance analytics of the workforce and create new strategies based on historical data.


Customer App

Customers will be notified of each delivery and its ETA. They will be able to pay through multiple avenues including cryptocurrency and stay in touch with the brand for better customer relationships.


Driver App

Drivers will get real-time requests and orders of any deliveries with the easiest routes reducing cost and time, be notified of the type of items to deliver and be tracked to ensure full efficiency in performance.


Ease of Use

A simple, yet powerful interface that powers the whole system for all three parties involved to manage orders, track deliveries and bring a new age into digital shopping. Utilizing blockchain for increased transparency can greatly improve the supply chain and CSR.

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If you are looking for a Delivery Management Solution, our white label solution is the perfect fit. We, at Reactive Space, offer a Delivery Management Solution that can be designed and developed as per the client’s requirement. And since we have previously deployed such a platform, we are confident in our capability to deliver another unique variant.

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