How Blockchain could save the American Election

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In over a decade, Blockchain Technology has emerged into a promising technology of the future. Just as the internet was invented and first perceived as the technology of future, blockchain is perceived on the same lines of being a futuristic technology. We live in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every single day. With such a vast quantity of data, data processing becomes an expensive task. To tackle that, and make things more convenient, blockchain promises data auditability, traceability, accountability and unbreachable security.  One important thing that also involves a lot of data? The elections! Keep reading to know how Blockchain can save the USA 2020 elections.


Blockchain technology is the only existing technology that offers these features which are also a necessity when it comes to providing online voting through mobile phones.


Gone are the days when such a secure technology was unreachable. Ever since blockchain powered voting systems have started popping up through different startups funded by many investors, the progressive individuals in the establishment are considering using blockchain voting systems. Because at the end of the day, voting systems consists of data, lots of data. This data can be manipulated because the current systems do not have an impenetrable security wall which can and has resulted in a political turmoil in different countries around the world.



The current situation with the US Presidential general elections, is quite interesting given that Trump is questioning the integrity of the elections and suggesting that the election has been rigged. Certain prominent analyst also said the similar during the 2016 elections that the Trump administration rigged the elections in their favor. Considering that so many have questioned the auditability of the current voting system, Federal Election Commission must deploy a system that will hold the integrity of the election system and secure faith amongst the citizens to increase the voter turnout.  

Now, Trump is challenging vote counts in the key states as Biden moves closer to victory. And to make it easier for him, he is right to question it because the system is technically flawed in so many ways that it is possible to hack the system.

That’s where blockchain comes in, as the technology that will revolutionize democracy in its true sense.


Blockchain is a type of data storage or a technology that has the ability to disrupt all the industries and make every business operation seamless.



To describe it in simple terms, blockchain is a part of distributed ledger technology which records and processes data in real-time. It also protects it from any alterations and every activity performed on the chain is recorded for transparency and traceability.


Imagine this, every set or version of data is stored in a block, any further changes or additions made will be added into the next block which can only be formed with the approval of peer to peer network. That’s another great thing about blockchain, it is a decentralized system which means that there is no single authority running the system. This system depends upon the approval of a peer to peer network which means that all the parties involved in the system can and will be able to track every activity.


Such inclusivity of the individuals, through blockchain, is much needed given that the centralized system is no longer capable of managing massive amounts of data without falling for biased decisions or potential cyberattacks.


To learn more about blockchain here.



Yes, blockchain is going to revolutionize the elections all around the world because blockchain is the only technology that can power elections systems and is capable of holding such sensitive data.

It is about time that elections become hassle free and convenient. With such busy schedules, the voters’ convenience should be a priority at this point to deliver free and fair elections. Now that technology has made everything compact and made multitasking an important part of life, many voters consider the current system of going at the polling stations a hassle for their routine. That is one of the biggest reasons why the turnout hovers around 52% and in the local elections, the turnout can be as low as 10%.


With blockchain powered voting systems, the turnout can be expected to increase drastically because majority of the people have cell phones and internet. They can cast their votes from the comfort of their homes, whenever they want.


Another important factor that blockchain covers is that it is going to save millions of your tax dollars. This cost cutting technology will save your tax dollars which can be directed towards more prevalent issues such as sustainable energy projects.


To make it more convincing, the Utah county, for the first time ever, have successfully used blockchain technology to motivate absentee voters to vote through their mobile devices during these US Presidential general elections. This way, they have successfully managed to hide the voter identity and kept the data secured within the blockchain in order to avoid any doubt in the integrity of the votes. If anyone comes up to question the authenticity of the votes, the data stored with the blockchain can prove each voter’s identity with their unique signature which keeps their real identity hidden from the public and yet keeps their data accountable.


If that is not all a voting system needs then what else is left? Read more about how blockchain systems can ensure 100% vote security.



Given that there are many start-ups around the world that are powering blockchain solutions, it is the key moment for investors to pitch their bucks in bringing blockchain powered voting systems sooner than later. It is high-time that such a transparent system be deployed so that the problems concerning the integrity of the voting system be resolved. Now that Utah county successfully managed to collect absentee votes through blockchain, the future of American elections seems promising because eventually every state will start following through with this technology. And that time is not far when other countries around the world will also start switching their trust in the blockchain powered voting systems.


The infamous child actor, Brock Pierce and now a candidate running for oval office says;

“No one wants to turn this technology on in 2024; we are going to start seeing it much more in 2021 and 2022. I think by 2026 we will see it all over the world – people voting from their phones. And people can have confidence in the system. Right now, many people lack that faith. This technology can restore that.”


Given that the individuals in the administration are working to take blockchain into the mainstream, soon we can expect a free and fair election in its literal sense.

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