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What is an Initial Coin Offering?

Initial coin offering or ICO is a way to support your nascent cryptocurrency. An ICO is a form of crowdfunding in the virtual currency world. It is done for all coins.ICO or Token Launch Software
The software is a program that makes it easy for us to perform certain operations. An ICO or token launch software is also designed to help users perform the required action with great ease and less time. To begin with, let’s discuss how coins and tokens are two different things with different purpose. Similarly, ICO and token launch are two different concepts with different purposes.

Features of an ICO/Token Launch Software

There are certain needs that an ICO/Token Launch Software needs to fulfill. The salient features are enlisted below;

  • Simplified Funding
  • Maximum Security
  • Trading and Liquidity

ICO Service Features

A good software used for this purpose is fully loaded with latest features.

  • Multi-Addresses: You can avoid hacking attacks due to multiple addresses.
  • Multi-Currencies: Most of the virtual currencies allow funding through Etherium but we provide the freedom to use multiple currencies.
  • Create Token: We enable the system to create custom tokens through smart contracts.
    Token Protection:
  • Page Design: The design of the page is of utmost importance.
    Host & Admin:
  • KYC: Countries are trying to eliminate the cyber crimes. That is why they regulate the financial system to avoid money laundering and other evils. That is why they also expect

Why Choose Reactive Space?

A have rich experience in ICO/Token launch software development. If you need a system like this, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Landing Page designing

We will design a landing page that conveys message and converts visitors.

Smart Contract for Token

We will make an efficient system in which smart contract for token is easy.

Multi Currency

We will enable the system to support multi currencies from the users.

Automated Coin Distribution

We will develop a program that enables automated coin distribution.

KYC Verification

We will include KYC verification function to make it complacent to laws.

Secure ICO

We will make sure your ICO is secure and there is no chance of breach.

ICO Admin Panel

We will develop an ICO admin panel to enable you to manage ICO easily.

Secure User Panel

We will deliver a secure user panel that would not allow unauthorized person.

Inbuilt Affiliate Platform

We will include an inbuilt affiliate platform to facilitate affiliate marketing.

Mobile Dapps

We will develop mobile Dapps to make coin’s use easier for the users.

And Much More …

We will make any other system that helps you accomplish your goals.

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