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What is a White Label Blockchain Social Media Solution?

Blockchain Social Media are decentralized platforms built on blockchain technology that allows the development of applications and smart contracts. These decentralized social media platforms promise a different way of data production and control. Most importantly, it enables users to have greater control over their data. These decentralized social media platforms enable end-to-end encryptions for every interaction and are also known as federated networks. Moreover, typical to the Blockchain ecosystems, they usually have features like native currency used for; in-platform transactions, rewarding users, and crowdfunding.

White Label Blockchain Social Media Solution is great for

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Financial Organizations

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Benefits of Blockchain - Reactive Space

How can you generate profits as an investor?



a) Crowdfunding



b) Advertisements



c) Promotions



d) Renting channel space

How Does Blockchain Social Media Solution Work?


Create Profile

Users create their own unique profiles with one of a kind identity verification system


Create Content

Users can then create content based on their interests and insights and showcase their creativity to the rest of the world


Multiple Genres

Content can range from educational to entertainment matching multiple genres along the way


Showcase Content

Various content will be showcased to other users based on interests, location, and other metrics


Post Engagement

Content posts will have the option to be liked, disliked, shared, and engaged with


Crypto Reward

For each positive engagement, the creator will receive a portion of cryptocurrency pre-decided by the users


Monetize Rewards

The creator can then utilize his or her earnings to convert the rewards or monetize them based on their discretion



Communities can be formed filtering out relevant content and groups can be made for similar interests



Multiple rewards will be on offer promoting higher engagement and increasing user activity


Social Media Platform

The end goal will be to create a new social media platform challenging the market leaders with its unique functionality

Create your very own Social Media Platform powered by Blockchain

If you are looking for a Blockchain Social Media Solution, our white label solution is the perfect fit. We, at Reactive Space, offer Blockchain Social Media Solution, that can be designed and developed as per the client’s requirement. And since we have previously deployed such a platform, we are confident in our capability to deliver another unique variant.

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