Using Technology to add Value to Business: AR & VR


Before you read any more, think about what you would appreciate more. A fast food menu in your hands with 2D pictures and the prices? Or a 3D model popping out of the menu showing you choices from every angle including information on ingredients and variations. Welcome to the new age where everything is going Digital. Keep reading to learn how Using AR & VR to add Value to Business is the way to go in the modern day world.


We have seen many advancements in lifestyle that disrupted the world throughout history and changed the foundations of what society was built on. Concepts such as the internet and smart phones completely revolutionized global functions and made way for further advancements aiding people not only in saving time and money but also making life easier for them. We can guarantee that the average person reading this article cannot go a day without using their smartphones/internet. In fact, chances are that you are probably using one or both to read this information. The crux of it all is that, advancements make a big difference and businesses taking advantage of such technologies do end up succeeding the most.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the human race moving forward. We as a species have always adapted to change and have evolved while exploring new things. Two of the upcoming things slowly gaining traction in the world that we are yet to fully utilize are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Before we delve further into how these technologies make a difference in our lives, let first understand the difference between them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The rendering of digital images on to real world objects is known as Augmented reality. In simpler terms, it converts the real world into a digital interface where it can then place virtual objects on. If you have had the chance to explore or check out Pokemon Go, that is exactly what AR can do. The only external thing that AR requires to function is a camera and motion sensors.


Reactive Space Pokemon Go


Virtual Reality (VR)

You are probably familiar with the Oculus or any other VR headset and that experience might help you understand what Virtual Reality truly is. If you haven’t used it yourself, it definitely is a must try. VR is a simulated experience that can be related to or completely different from the real world. A computer generated simulation in which users can interact with artificial three dimensional environment using devices. Want to see how it works? Why not watch this interesting Beat Saber Video? Beat games have revealed that more than 2 million games have been sold so far. That is quite the profit from integrating VR into their business.

Which industries can AR & VR target?

There are plenty of industries that can benefit from AR & VR and we have listed down the best use cases for them below.

Manufacturing: Before, it used to take a lot of time to design models and create projects after putting it down on the art board and many a time, there would be a flaw in which the whole project had to be scrapped, well not anymore. With AR at the helm, things can easily be simplified and verified before making any big decisions saving the company money and time.

Fashion: If there is one industry that can definitely utilize AR, it’s the fashion and apparel industry. Now customers can try on different clothes before ordering them online or going to a store to try them physically. With the popularity that online shopping got, AR could be a huge game changer for this. In fact, Macy’s is already doing this so that individuals don’t have to wait in line to test something out.

Food & Beverage: Ever wondered what was in the meals you ordered online? How many calories etc? With AR, now you can easily know just by looking at your food with your camera using Augmented Reality.

Gaming: If there is one industry that has evolved the most from Virtual Reality solutions, it would be gaming. So many companies have taken advantage of the new technology to immerse gamers into a new world. MMORPG’s and other variations have given the game plays a brand new dimension. More like the Nintendo wii on boosters.

Virtual Reality Reactive Space


Education: Imagine you are sitting in a classroom reading a text book with facts and figures. You will probably be able to do that for maximum 30 minutes before getting bored. How about incorporating Augmented Reality in your studies by transforming your book into high graphic images via 3D AR modelling. Definitely a much more interactive way of studying and the students will enjoy it as well.

Healthcare: Imaging using AR to carefully analyze patients and their ailments. Instead of practicing on real patients. Doctors and trainees can run tests on AR/VR simulated patients giving them valuable experience and much more in depth understanding. 3D visuals using AR on organs can give practitioners a better idea how to operate during surgery.

Marketing: What would you prefer watching? A flyer or a billboard featuring Adidas shoes or a full on Virtual Reality experience featuring Adidas shoes. No prizes for the winner since it’s an obvious choice. Check out this brilliant campaign from Adidas. Now wouldn’t you want something like that for your brand?

Navigation & Travel: Plan your vacations and navigate to your destination by opting for AR enabled services. It’s an all new experience and it will be a trip you never expect. When you can view your room and stay place from your phone, access multiple commands and have smart glasses that can give you directions while you focus on the road. AR & VR are really things of the future you see in movies.

Enterprises: Forget boring strategies and on call meetings. Why not use AR technology to project yourself in a meeting! Way better in my opinion. Not only will it make for a unique experience, it will also pave way towards better connectivity and interaction. Remember when Skype was launched? It’s going to be 10 times better than that.

The market value of AR alone is expected to cross $117 billion by 2022. That says a lot about how much this technology will be adopted in the near run. While VR costs more, it’s definitely a great user experience in itself. One thing is certain. Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are growing in popularity and its definitely much more advantageous for companies to invest in it now rather than lose the benefits that they could bring to their businesses. Not sure? Why not consult with our team of experts? Its free and we will definitely be able to guide you on the right path with our wide range of AR and VR services. Click the button to get in touch.

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