What is Deep Learning and what are the practical Applications of Deep Learning

Deep Learning by Reactive Space

A subset of machine learning which is a subset of artificial intelligence, deep learning technology has enabled gadgets to replicate the human mind. As it may only have just scratched the surface of its potential, we can still manage to achieve much more in regards to making user experiences more convenient and personalized. Even though the technology is proving to be really integral in the world right now, we still get questions such as “What is Deep learning” and “What are the practical Applications of Deep Learning”? Before we dig into how deep learning is changing the world, let’s first explain it and talk about how it works!


What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning technique is an important element of data science that depends upon statistics and predictive analysis. Deep learning models have enabled data scientists to deal with large amounts of data as it can analyze and interpret it much faster and more efficiently than the traditional protocol. To make it short and crisp, let’s say deep learning is a way to automate predictive analytics and provide more accurate results.


To understand deep learning in its simplest form, we can say that it enables computers to process information in the same way as a human brain would do and learn by example. It can achieve state-of-the-art accuracy levels, that is first of its kind, and perform human-level tasks.


The deep learning models are programmed through large sums of labeled data and neural network architectures consisting of many layers. The traditional machine learning algorithms consist of 2-3 hidden layers which is why the results are not that accurate, however, that is not the case with deep learning algorithm.


Today, deep learning technology is seen as the technology that is enabling virtual assistants to learn more about the users and make a personalized experience for them. It is also vastly being adopted as the key technology behind driverless cars. It is the results that are being achieved through deep learning technique that makes it unique in nature. That is the reason why it is getting a lot of attention lately and many businesses are evaluating their operations to include deep learning techniques.


How Does It Work?

Deep learning technique, is also referred to as deep neural networks because most of the deep learning models use neural network architectures. The traditional machine learning algorithms or traditional neural networks consist of 2 to 3 hidden layers, whereas, the deep networks can consist of as many as 150 hidden layers.

On this network the data is stacked in a hierarchy of increasing complexity and abstraction. The hidden layers have sets of labeled data with which the deep learning models are trained to learn features directly from the data, subtracting the need for manual feature extraction.


Each step or process in the hierarchy of the network goes through a nonlinear transformation to its input and utilizes what it has interpreted to create an output as portrayed in the image below. The data iterations would continue to process until an acceptable level of accuracy has been achieved.



Practical Applications of Deep Learning

Deep learning can process information like humans do and it can be applied to many tasks that depends upon humans. One such example is of self-driving cars and language translation services. Big companies like Apple, Tesla and Nissan are working on deep learning to roll-out first driverless cars to be available to the general public. Other than that, it is also widely being adopted for improving image recognition tools and for natural language processing and speech recognition software’s to transform the language translation services to the next level.


Now let’s dig into specific services that are incorporating deep learning, which are:


  • Virtual Assistants

Every individual, with an iPhone or android, has access to a virtual assistant. The service providers are using deep learning methods to understand the speech and learn from every interaction. It enables the virtual assistant to create a personalized and wholesome experience for its users.


  • Language Translations

Ever wondered how google is capable of translating an entire web page within a matter of seconds? Through deep learning! It has made translating languages much easier. The algorithm is programmed to learn from every interaction, collected as a data, which results in achieving accurate results over a period of time.


  • Self-Driving Cars

Deep learning is being deployed upon autonomous vehicles to enable them to understand the realities of the road and how to respond to them. If there is a speed-breaker, the algorithm will enable the car to slow down the speed, if there is an obstacle on the way, either big or small, the car would respond accordingly.


  • Chatbots And Service Bots

Today, customer support is being handled by chatbots and service bots. These bots are powered through deep learning algorithms which enables them to interact with the customers in an intelligent and helpful way by processing data in the form on a text or speech.


  • Image Colorization

Deep learning algorithms are being applied to colorizing the black and white pictures from the past. The algorithm is capable of identifying the context and objects in the images to give them the most accurate color as much as possible.


  • Facial Recognition

The algorithm will be able to identify the person through their facial features despite them having grown a beard or changed their hairstyle or even if the lighting is poor or an unforeseen obstruction.


  • Personalized Shopping And Entertainment

Service providers, are using deep learning algorithm to understand their customers and their needs to be able to offer them the right thing at the right time. For instance, if you are watching comedy shows on netflix, your suggestions would be filled with shows of the same genre. That’s the deep learning algorithm working to find the most relevant product for you.


Wrap Up!

Deep Learning algorithm is being adopted by many, and its ability to learn from the data is what makes it unique. The potential of deep learning is not yet explored yet. We are just at the starting line to figuring out its potential and how it can be incorporated in our lives to make human-like decisions and perform tasks. Want to know more about how Deep Learning can benefit you? Click here to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.

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