ABBC - Case Study

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Aladdin Wallet – A Multicoin Cryptocurrency Wallet.


Cryptocurrency traders at ABBC had to manage different wallets for trading in each cryptocurrency because their crypto wallets could hold only one currency at a time which was growing problematic for people who wanted to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. Not to forget, it was also time consuming for them and which is why they started drifting off to other platforms.


To bring their customers back on their platform and to cater to the needs of the existing customers, ABBC reached out to us to design and develop a multicoin or multitoken crypto wallet that can cater to all the functionalities required from the client’s end to make trading in multiple currencies efficient, seamless and easy. This wallet will be called Aladdin wallet. We successfully managed to deliver the multicoin wallet developed on our blockchain based solutions.


Despite the fact that the company is based in South Korea, our team of experts did an amazing job in delivering the project and we exceedingly fulfilled the client’s requirements. Also, our UX/UI team did an exceptional, worth-mentioning job at making the wallet user friendly which resulted in its successful launch. Now, the cryptocurrency traders are using this wallet to trade all their cryptocurrencies and can easily manage their portfolio.

Based on the successful delivery of this project, the client decided to grant more projects towards us, which are still under development and as a successful blockchain service provider, we are working diligently on their deployment.

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