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Blockperks’ web3 tech stack is the world’s first multi-blockchain creator-first content monetization protocol, powered by social tokens and an asset discovery engine matching investors with digital assets.


Groot is a decentralised exchange where users can swap tokens and also use exchange to trade. Groot has a borrow protocol as well where you can borrow amount having 150% collateral ration maintained. Groot also have ILO platform where small projects can come and raise liquidity for their project.

Block Fit

Blockfit is a work out to get paid application where users can attempt built in challenges to get the work out done if they achieve 80% they will get an NFT which they can stake and earn rewards based upon the level of NFT also they can challenge 1-1 to other users to work out and if they beat them the winner gets all.

Blockperks - Near

Blockperks Marketplace where people can Buy, Sell and Create NFT’s on Near Protocol.


Digitize your real world assets with the Polymath Capital Platform and mint tokens, manage investors, raise funds. All enabled in a platform purpose built for regulatory environments.

Aladdin Wallet

Aladdin Wallet, a non-custodial wallet, enables users to send cryptocurrencies without any hassle or delays, aiming to deliver a top-quality crypto wallet that has high-level security designed to keep any user’s digital assets safe.

The Kwan

A  stagging platform with built in NFT Marketplace to buy, sell and create NFTs.


Music NFTs (non-fungibel tokens) are a great way to invest in your favorite Artist or song. You also get the possibility to earn royalties on full licensed NFTs during our staking protocol in the near future.


EVA Wallet

EVA Wallet is a multi chain wallet with create contacts, chat and invite friends feature. It has state of the art design to enhance user experience and also a flow unlike any other application out there. It has encryption of keys to make sure users wallet is secure and assets safe in one place.

Retail Rescue

The only television show in the world that focuses on bringing together communities, with the goal to help remodel businesses that are struggling or have fallen on hard times. We all know someone affected, so join our community today, purchase an NFT, and help us change lives!


MetaMatsuri is a GameFi platform bringing new ways to NFT Gaming in the Metaverse


Wrk is a talent pool platform where companies and influencers act a bridge between job and hiring the talent. Influencers can charge companies to provide them access to Talent pool and upon hiring a talent job seeker receives an NFT.

Purple Coin

Purple coin is a utility token and a multichain wallet where users can swap tokens send and receive tokens. Purple coin NFTs are pegged with Real Estate.

Connect DAO

Connect DAO is a platform where companies can come and list their DAO as a child of the Connect DAO to raise funds and liquidity for their projects.

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