Elon Musk Reacts To Mark Zuckerberg Threads, Says, “Competition Is Fine, Cheating Is Not”

The news of the launch of Threads by Meta has spread like fire in every Newspaper and Magazine recently. Elon Musk’s tweet reacting to Threads ‘’ Competition is Fine, Cheating is Not’’ worked as petrol to double its hype.

After Threads launch, many people started calling the Threads App ‘’Twitter killer’’, and Musk’s tweet showing anger proved it as well. Meta’s new launch ‘’ Threads’’ has recently recorded almost 30 Million active users within 18 hours of its launch. It is also revealed by Meta that over 40 million times, it has been downloaded worldwide.

In fact, Threads has broken the records of all the famous apps, including Artificial Intelligence, Pokémon Go, Call of Duty, ChatGpt, and Chatbot, by OpenAI, which had recorded one Million active users in less than a week.

Why Threads is a Twitter Killer?

Meta Threads has recently gained a lot of attention, and within a few hours, it has been downloaded million times. It’s difficult to give a clear number of active users because the ratio is growing really fast.

In a recent report by Meta Ceo Mark Zuckerberg, Threads has reached over 100 million active users, which is beyond their expectations. This is why, Threads is giving notable competition to Twitter and is considered as a threat.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Response to Elon Musk’s Tweet ‘’ Competition is Fine, Cheating is Not’’

Elon Musk responded to Threads, saying,‘’ Competition is Fine, Cheating is Not’’, but the Meta Ceo has responded to Musk’s tweets by just saying ‘’ Concerning’’ with the emoji of laughing while crying face.

Twitter responded to Meta by threatening to Sue. Twitter also mentioned on the 6th of July, Tweet; ‘’Meta has inappropriately used Twitter’s IP and Trade secrets, and it’s unlawful’’. It resulted in a letter sent to Meta CEO Mark from Musk’s lawyer Alex Spiro.

Furthermore, it was also mentioned that Meta should immediately stop using Twitter trade secrets because it’s highly confidential information. Musk’s lawyer also mentions that Meta hired Twitter’s former employee who had access to the confidential information, and they have used the same data to develop Threads.

In response to that, Meta completely refused the allegation, saying that Meta didn’t hire any former Twitter Employees. The co-founder of Twitter, Mr. Dorsey, also mocked Threads by saying, “We wanted flying cars; instead we got 7 Twitter clones.”

What will be the future of Twitter? Because its worth is falling while struggling with many competitors. Musk has also angered various users of social platforms, who are not interested in his Laiseez-faire approach.

These back-and-forth tantrums don’t stop here; Musk also retweeted an image mocking Threads Logo. He said that Threads logo resembles a ‘tapeworm.’

Adam Mosseri, the Instagram chief, also told the Threads users that the intention behind the launch of Threads was to create a platform that is open and friendly for conversations. Furthermore, it is said by Andy Stone, the Meta Spokesman that Threads is a platform that is built from scratch. Another Analyst from insider intelligence, Ms. Jasmine Engberg, said that ‘’Threads only requires one out of four Instagram monthly users to make it as huge as Twitter’’.

She further added that Twitter users were waiting in desperation for an alternative, and Mark gave them one. Musk’s irrational decisions and content moderation scared away major advertisers and celebrities.

Not only this, but Musk has also fired half of his staff working for Twitter, and they presumably joined other tech companies that, include Meta as well.

No doubt, Threads has gained a lot of attention initially, but there is a major issue for Threads users as well. You cannot delete your Threads data or profile without losing your Instagram account. According to their policy, they have given one option to their users that they can temporarily deactivate their Threads account if they want to.

Threads by Meta has impacted social media platforms in a huge way. Other than being a potential ‘’Twitter killer’’, Meta has reshaped the way we interact with each other online.

In the future, Meta will evolve, creating new possibilities for its users within the digital landscape and redefining the way we connect with each other. Looking for the latest information regarding Threads? News Drum is an exceptional source to turn to.

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