MetaFinance - Case Study

Project Query:

A secure system which improves accessibility to financial services, lowering the costs by providing an automated process, improves transparency, and develops innovative solutions by creating new products for investments, and applications for streamline loans.


Before we commenced on this project , our clients had many queries in their mind , and we successfully provided them with the solutions.

  • Is my financial Platform secure or not? (Cyber-security) 

  • How quick are their services if I want to access my fund? 

  • What kind of financial services as well as the products are they offering? 

  • How are they going to protect my data? 

  • How do they comply with regulations?

  • What is their backup plan in the case of technology failure or bug?


For security purposes, we provide our clients with unique and strong passwords for their financial accounts. For additional security , two factor authentication has been provided. 

Clients also get awareness about fake websites and phishing emails which may try to hack login credentials. 

Monitoring an unauthorised activity , and keeping devices as well as softwares updated can provide a Cyber-security. 

Our financial platform provides instant access to the funds via digital channels depending upon the  services which are being used. For example , via digital wallets you can access your funds within minutes of transferring or receiving the payments for online purchase or bank transfer etc.

MetaFinance provides income generating services to the people who are token holders, it includes NFT marketplace , multichain pools, DEX aggregator , and Dao. The more services they build up , the more rewards token holders get and it helps them to grow revenue with MetaFinance. All financial services are available in a single platform , which is open-source and deployed fully.

These community driven, multi-chain platforms include BSC, Ethereum , and HECO. 

It is our company’s responsibility to protect the data of the customers , and to ensure that it will not be compromised in any way , and for that purpose various measures are being required which includes ; detection system , two factor authentication , Encryption , and Secure Storage for the prevention of breaches. 

By training the employees , and hiring well-versed  experts for regulatory requirements , so policies and procedures can be implemented. 

In the case of a bug or system failure , we use a regular monitoring system so significant changes which are required can be done before the issue arrives and ensure to have data a recovery plan , which secures the data , and is able to operate even if one system fails. 

The recovery team is also available for the rapid responses to address bugs, and communicate application updates with customers.


We successfully resolved all our clients inquiries, and delivered the services we had promised.  

These queries helped us to analyse our customers’ needs before embarking on the project.. It also gave us the foresight of the problems clients as well as our company  could possibly face in the near fututre , and the gaps which needed to be filled. This way, it increased the efficiency of our system even more. 

For that purpose , we Implemented new systems and processes , to improve the ability of the company’s operations. 

Successfully delivered the project in a short period of time to our clients , and they loved the enthusiasm, and the strategy to align all of their requirements. 

A secure system which improved the accessibility to financial services. It lowered the cost by providing an automated process, which improved transparency, and developed innovative solutions by creating new applications , products and  investments  for streamline loans.  

The accomplishment of completing the project enhanced our portfolio, and enabled us to attract potential clients.

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