Mobilum - Case Study

Project Query:

A shielded system that promises new and improved financial services like brokers, cryptocurrency businesses, liquidity providers, and exchanges, it conducts market research to verify customers’ needs, optimise processes, and implement new technologies to increase efficiency and enhance customer experience.


A client reached out to us sharing various problems, and dissatisfaction he had in the past working with the fintech company. Expecting us to deliver the desired services and products. 

Here are some common problems not only this client, but many other clients have also faced.

  • The first issue reported by our clients is the lack of transparency. Many policies are not in favour of clients, and lead to mistrust, and confusion.

  • Most clients had the security issue, they were not comfortable sharing their personal or financial information worrying about data breaches, fraud, identity theft, etc. 

  • Many fintech platforms had limited functionality and features that discourage clients from seeking or relying on these services. 

  • Clients had limited access to customer support, and they did not get timely answers to their queries when needed. Fintech companies mainly depend on digital communication channels like email, chatbot, etc. 

  • Regulatory issues had been faced by many clients, which made it difficult for them to quality or avail certain financial services.


  • For a Fintech company, transparency is very important, and to solve this issue, our first step was to ensure the security of data. Data security was provided by giving them two-factor authentication, providing clear information including terms, and conditions, and replacing complex technical language with easy, and accessible language. 

  • In a Digital Fintech company, the security of finances, and client’s personal information is of utmost importance. To deal with these issues, we identified vulnerabilities through security audits, and implemented two factor-authentication to protect the data, and identity verification. For this purpose, we provided our clients with features like face recognition, fingerprints, and password. 

  • Clients were facing limiting functionalities of services. To resolve this issue, we analysed customer feedback, and identified the limitations, and user experience. Prioritised the development of missing features, invested in new technology like blockchain to enhance user experience, and at the end did the testing. 

  •  Many clients complain about poor customer support, and for this purpose, we provided our clients with multiple channels as well as an automated process for customer support. 

  • To avoid regulatory issues, our first step was to identify the gaps, where the company is not compliant with the legal laws. To serve this purpose, we developed a plan to address and solve these issues through proper implementation. We did monitor compliance and ensured that the company was operating legally.


As a Fintech company, we aim to provide exceptional services ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, and trust. 

Mobilum provided a shielded system to the client as promised, delivering them new, and improved financial services like brokers, cryptocurrency businesses, liquidity providers, and exchanges. Our team conducted market research to verify the needs of the customers, optimised processes, and implemented new technologies resulting in increased efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

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