Unveiling the Secret: Elon Musk’s TruthGPT, the AI Chatbot of the Future

Elon Musk , a name which needs no introduction .The contemporary Icon , AI king , a true visionary , free spirit , and an inventor of AI technology like Electric cars , e-payments like Paypal , Falcon Rocket , Hyperloop , Zip2, these are online city guides , Electric jet , Web-based phone cells , and solar-power systems.

His unwavering commitment to tech innovations didn’t let him rest , and now Musk is secretly up to another innovation , an alternative of chatgpt.

Since ChatGpt , an artificial intelligence chatbot, has been released , it has become a new sensation on the internet. OpenAI claims that the language model, which is the ChatGpt, is free for research preview .

But wait !

Does this innovation really impress Elon Musk , the king of AI too?

In his previous interview with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson’s , Musk claimed that ChatGpt is dangerous , because it has the potential to lie , and provide politically untruthful information , and it’s a matter of concern.

Accusing Microsoft-backed OpenAI , for creating all the hype about chatbot, ChatGpt. He said that OpenAI is a closed-source for the profit organisations , which has strong ties with Microsoft.

He further accused Larry Page , the co-founder of Google , for not prioritizing the safety of AI.

Musk also revealed his plan about the upcoming launch of his new AI platform , the rival of chatGpt . He named it the TruthGpt .

He mentions that his chatbot will have the potential of maximum truth seeking ability , deep learning , and understanding of the universe, and it will not pose any threat to humanity.

His aim is to compete , and challenge the offering of the tech giants , Google , and Microsoft.

Potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk has consistently acknowledged the benefits artificial intelligence has, and can bring for the betterment of humanity. Not only this , but he also advocated about the widening access of AI , and the need for regulation.

In his latest interview , Musk confessing about the dangers of artificial intelligence , sparked a lot of attention , controversies , and debates.

For some , the concerns Musk has are justified , while some say that his concerns are not scientifically proven , and are without logic.

What does Elon Musk say about the future of AI?

Musk said that , if you will be creating superintelligence chatbots or machines which are very high level then they will be replacing human beings , and lead society towards the destruction of humanity.

Elon Musk says that the chatbot , ChatGpt , is a model which is being developed by OpenAI in one of the best labs of the world with almost 175 billion parameters.

According to this , it is one of the most powerful , and largest AI language models which has been introduced in human history till now.

The question arises here ;

How , and why Musk shows concerns related to the new language model , ChatGpt?

The new sensation , ChatGpt, has the ability to perform a variety of tasks related to language. It includes translation , creative- writing , problem solving , and even answering almost any question.

Not doubt , ChatGpt has impressive qualities to be praised , but it’s also a matter of concern , says Elon Musk ;

According to Musk , such language models like Gpt-3 , and others have the ability to generate harmful information. The reason for being not in favour of ChatGpt , is its power . because it can generate any information which is realistic looking. From articles to news , and from new to social media posts , and much more which are completely fake.

He claimed that such Language models work best for nefarious purposes like the spread of misleading information , and propaganda.

He suggested that OpenAI should not be launching any further language model , to avoid its potential risks.

It’s not new for us to hear such things from Elon Musk , as he once compared AI technology with ‘’summoning the demons’’ .

What are the experts , and AI researchers’ opinion about Elon Musk’s confession about the dangers of AI?

Many AI experts , and researchers have criticized Elon Musk about his comments on ChatGpt , and language models in general.

They said that Musk’s comments are unnecessarily causing drama , and panic about artificial Intelligence.

Many of them said that its benefits outweigh the dangers it possesses. AI plays an important role in the progress of humanity , and it deserves acknowledgement.

Models like ChatGpt or other language models are the source of continuous revolution. It made interaction more natural as well as easier for the people who are not in the technology.. Through these language models , it is way easier for us now to communicate , and understand the machines.

How to prevent the dangers which AI possesses?

Elon Musk claims that the only way to prevent the dangers AI possesses is regulation , and if we regulate the company’s work as an AI , there are better chances that it will become much more beneficial for humanity , and if it will not be paid attention to , then it maybe things also go out of AI’s hands as well.

In the final comment , I would suggest considering both sides of the stories , and keeping the context in mind.

There are no doubt various risks associated with Artificial Intelligence , but it is providing significant advantages too which adds up in the progress of humanity as well.

Its advantages , and disadvantages are in the hands of us human beings , because these machines need a master. If we human beings , the policy makers , researchers , as well as the public use it not for destruction , but for the benefits of humanity , then it doesn’t possess any threat.

In short , it’s up to us if we want to use these technologies for the greater good or the greater bad for our own race , and it’s also true that not everyone can be trusted with the OpenAI techonology.

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