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Project Query:

A secure merchant company which provides instant credit card processing , liquidity access for multiple-tokens , competitive pricing of cryptocurrency and low transaction fees , facilitating the conversion of various cryptocurrency businesses which includes wallets , and exchanges helping in direct integration of their own platform by providing fast services.



The clients which reached out to us share the challenges they faced previously , and their expectations from us. 

  • They faced payment processing issues for cryptocurrency transactions because such platforms are at high risk of deceit, leading to financial losses.

  • Cryptocurrency is an industry which rapidly evolves, and has regulatory requirements , which is why clients face compliance, legal and regulatory issues.

  • Payment gateways are at high risk of security issues, and prone to cybercriminal activities. It can also be a target for stealing cryptocurrency , and private payment informtation. 

  • The interface provided to users is not user friendly, and creates problems. 

  • They cannot use multiple Fiat gateways by using one interface. 

  • Volatility in cryptocurrency is very high, and it creates problems in case of revenue, pricing, and cash flow. 

Therefore , our aim was to provide our client the best possible experience by resolving all their issues, and offering them services which met their expectations which they did not receive from previous companies.


To cater to these problems, we provided our clients with the solutions given below. 

  • Implemented a reliable, and secure payment processing system for cryptocurrency which reduces the risk of financial losses and deceit. For this purpose , it was ensured that the payment gateways are compliant with the regulatory issues as well to avoid legal and regulatory issues in the crypto industry.

  • Implemented measures which were required to prevent fraud by using the two factor authentication, and checking the backgrounds of the clients.

  • Provided the tools to monitor the suspicious activities instantly to intercept fraudulent transactions.

  • Regulatory issue and complinace was  resolved by staying up to date about the latest crypto updates , and gateways which are fully  compliant with the regulatory requirements . It includes (KYC) know your customer protocols by resolving the checkbacks , customer support and KYC verification. It also provides rapid compliance. 

  • Reduced the risks associated with  payment gateway by  educating our client about cybercriminal activities, and secure online transactions by not sharing passwords,  codes, and being attentive for phishing scams etc.

  • Secured sensitive data by using strong passwords and implementing encryption and tokenization.  

  • Provided customizable user friendly interface by conducting research about usability and testing to identify the gaps where improvement is required. 

  • Also used clear as well as concise language to avoid the confusion, and provided contextual guidance which can assist users after the completion of the tasks. 

  • Provided  our users multiple fiat gateways by using one interface by creating a dashboard which gives them an option to prefer fiat currency and switch to the other one whenever needed. 

  • By providing data analytics tools, reserving cash to buffer, transparent billing and pricing, regular reviewing as well as adjustment of prices and implementing the hedging strategy which limits the risk of financial assets and minimise fluctuations in cryptocurrency, we addressed the issue of volatility of cryptocurrency.


Successfully Implemented all these measures that are  mentioned above to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks . We Developed a secure, reliable and user friendly payment processing cryptocurrency system which reduced the risk of deceit and financial losses. In compliance with all regulatory requirements, it helped to prevent  frauds, address the volatility,  and secure sensitive information.Transactions  were effectively resolved, resulting in a rapid and secure payment process for the clients.

Our clients were more than satisfied with the provided services.

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